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ahahaha you know how Im watching that ‘what’s your number’ movie right now and I was like, wow that’s so funny because there were all these actors showing up that would go on to hit it pretty big in ‘14 leading shows or franchises

and that’s when I was about halfway through the movie and was referring to chris evans, chris pratt, and martin freeman

and I keep watching and all of sudden andy samberg shows up, heeeey brooklyn. and now anthony mackie??? who knew that this random comedy from 2011 would basically be a hotpot of 2014’s popular male actors

(ok I could’ve known if I’d’ve checked IMDB in advance but it’s much more fun like this)

who knows, at this rate, there’s probably a crying sebastian stan hidden somewhere in the final act I cant wait

Mist and shadow; cloud and shade.
All shall fade. All shall… fade.


Marvel movies I want to see

I’m watching ‘what’s your number’ (I’m kinda late with the whole let’s-watch-everything-the-CATWS-cast-ever-did, but I’m catching up) and it’s so????? it’s kinda weird?? I mean its a classic romcom on one hand but on the other there’s this off-center quirkiness to it that makes it actually not super bad to watch, and I think it’s all due to Anna Faris. I mean I went into this movie for chris evans obviously but I’m kinda falling for her a bit right now! I don’t know, her kind of comedy is a bit too heavy on the second hand embarrassment sometimes for me to be able to watch it easily?? Or at least I always thought so. but, she’s also kinda cool and cute and loud and confident and has great comedic timing. And I’ve accidentally watched House Bunny twice already and didnt even regret. I think I have an actor crush on Anna Faris oh my god. Also you know I really gotta say I’m easy to win over with movies with female leads. I don’t even care what genre, what level of quality, I just immediately like a movie that much more if it’s got a female lead.

Anyway, Chris Evans is delightfully douchey, suprisingly hairy, fairly entertaining but definitely not the main character I’m falling for in this movie. Which is, despite the predictability and cliche and all the things that come packaged with this kind of movie, actually loads of fun. and also lmao martin fucking freeman plays one of her exes. as does chris pratt. it’s like this movie is a best-of of actors who’d go on to lead huge franchise three years later. now where’s anna faris’ lead role in a popular scifi or fantasy franchise?? oh right I forgot, those are just for white boys named chris. wait, that sounded bitter. then again, I’m still waiting for my black widow movie… I AM bitter lmao

I’m sorry this post is all over the place, I dont know how else to deal with watching movies by myself except stream-of-consciousness liveblog the experience I’m so sorry


ok just so we’re clear

if Tauriel dies in the next Hobbit movie then I am going to breed my own Uruk-Hai army to destroy the world of men


Homer, The Iliad

"I’ve always been a big fan of romance, and I think this story kind of captured the idea of meeting somebody and then an unexpected, unintentional night, unfolding in a really pure manner." (x)

picklebridge asked: All I want in life is Galadriel in proper armour razing Dol Guldur to the ground. It really bites that she's lying down in that really archetypal "damsel" pose, reaching out and everything. Like, Galadriel don't need no man.

omg I still hope we’re gonna see that in the movie properly. and I LOVE the whole galadriel & gandalf supersurvivorfriends thing! I love it!! but couldnt they do it standing up you know. I’m repeating myself but like, everyone gets super cool poses and they got the short end of the stick by having to play human mop for the evil eye

I want like. gandalf & galdriel buddy cop style posters. you know the tilted chin and the crossed arms and the walking away from explosions together. or galadriel sitting in a fancy chair all like ‘come at me sucker’ and gandalf standing behind her like ‘that’s my best girl, you gotta get through her first if you wanna come at me

and I want tauriel in protective stance in front of her king or the kidprince (either one of them), or standing on a hill, back straight, overlooking the battlefield, thousand yard stare type of pose


apfelgranate asked: bless ur tag novel re: galadriel&tauriel in the new banner thing. i saw it and was like oh no, COME ON. C'MON. YOU DID SO WELL WITH THE DOS ONES. Y'KNOW, THE ONE WHERE LEGGLES IS THE ONE WITH HIS BUTT TO THE VIEWER? yeah, they should've brought that back.

i know right?? damn I though the day I’d miss ANYTHING part of DOS would be the day morgoth’s jacuzzi froze over, but I was head over heels with their Tauriel promos (and I’m nostalgic for the legolas initiative ofc). It’s just like you know?? Obviously the promotional theme is ‘let’s play armor dress up and strike-a-pose like you’re in an 80s budget fantasy’ but god forbid they let the girls join in or something. idk I’m just cranky I guess also  because I’m so psyched for seeing galadriel getting her groove on and I wasn’t prepared for her literally lying on the floor?? why. I miss the floating heads posters